On behalf of Trenton High staff and students, we would like to formally thank Nick Foley and the Celebrate the Hero Team (Lisa, Brittini and Lori) for their amazing assembly yesterday. The positive energy was contagious and with messages from CTH, these words continue to resonate within our student body. Feedback from students/staff/board dignitaries last night and today has been overwhelming inspiring! We look forward to working with your team as we commit to creating a world of acceptance and equality

-Jennifer Cotnam 

Teacher at Bayside Secondary School:

Nick’s talk was straight from the heart.  Bayside students were riveted during his story about Brad and participated wholeheartedly during the interactive parts of the presentation.  I believe that the overall message of the importance of responsible decision making truly resonated with students.  Nick’s youthful enthusiasm and ability to connect with his audience were amazing!

~ Emily Young


Student at Bayside Secondary School:

 "I found Nick Foley’s presentation on anti-bullying to be very moving and inspirational.  The content was very informative, but had enough of a shock factor to spark an interest in the viewers.  Usually I am very bored in assemblies, but this one left me entertained and with a drive to do something productive with the information I received.  Bullying is a huge problem that effects everyone, and Nicks Foley’s presentation taught me to always think of the effect my actions have on people.  Celebrate the hero.”

-Kate Nicholas


Teacher at Bayside Secondary School:

 "The Celebrate the Hero Presentation was an emotional rollercoaster that really got "us" thinking in a positive manner.  The messages were clear and Nick managed to relate and build a great rapport with the students. The vibe I received from staff and students alike were that this presentation was a hit!”

-Anna Bateman


Teacher at St. Theresa’s Catholic High School:

Nick was an overwhelming hit and was able to reach our students with his interactive and engaging approach. He has a unique ability to connect with students and staff and inspire them to be instruments of change. Nick’s presentation struck a chord with our students in a personal and reflective manner.

His message will follow our students for many years to come.
At the end, our students walked away feeling empowered to take a stand against bullying and positively impact
our community.

Gloria Hackett

St. Theresa’s Catholic High School

Special Education Resource Teacher


Teacher at Trenton High-school:

I am blown away. He is amazing!  His program Celebrate the Hero and his enthusiasm will have a huge impact on our staff and students, I’m sure.  As some of you may know, Nick is a former teacher who changed careers to encourage people (students in particular) to be upstanders; positive change agents. We reviewed his itinerary and it will be great as it involves personal stories on bullying, heroes who stand up in the face of bullying, interaction with the audience, and both a humorous and serious tone when appropriate. What’s really great about Celebrate the Hero is it doesn’t just end with the presentation. There is follow-up with his team weekly with suggestions for how to continue with school involvement eg. Thought of the week, actions to take (like hold a door for someone, say hello to a stranger), facebook/twitter groups, etc.  They work closely with leaders in our school such as Social Justice and Students’ Council who collaboratively act to enforce these great ideas.  His passion shows and it will be an honour to have him as our keynote speaker.

Jennifer Cotnam

Social Science Department

Trenton High School

Student at St. Mary’s Catholic School: 

Hey Nick, I just really had to tell you that the presentation you did at my school today completely changed my view on everything. My friend and I have made a whole list of goals for the rest of our high school careers and we’ve both become so much more, I guess you could say interestes in school and taking the initiative to make a difference. You’re the biggest inspiration I’ve ever had, thank you for that.

xoxo- Kimberley

Student From St. Mary’s Catholic School:

Had a guest speaker from your group come to St. Mary’s Secondary School today, it was a fantastic presentation. Just like to let you all know I will hapilly post on your blog. You guy’s are very inspiring!

Student from Nicholson Catholic College: 

“Very moving and inspirational speech. Keep up the good work and know you left a mark here at Nicholson that will not leave. Good job today.”

Student from Nicholson Catholic College: